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Bulk CBD Tincture


Our bulk Full Spectrum CBD tincture is perfect for those that is on a regular regiment and want to save some money.  This is also great for sharing with family and friends. The bulk tincture comes in 2 strengths: the regular strength have 1000mg of CBD per oz while the extra strength have 2000mg of CBD per oz.

bottle size Total CBD CBD per 1oz CBD per 1ml dropper
8oz regular strength 8000mg 1000mg 33mg
8oz extra strength 16000mg 2000mg 66mg

The bulk tincture comes in a glass amber bottle with plastic cap.  It does not come with dropper or dropper bottle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
broad spectrum

Will crystallize due to potency. Viscosity is ready to cart. Flavor and nose is five stars. High taste of CBD but can be diluted with MCT and terps for great taste. Color is a light yellow to amber. When cut it is even lighter. Viscosity makes it a bit troublesome to cut for carts so there is no crystallization but all in all its worth purchasing. I also felt no THC but no urine sample was tested.

Jeremy L.
Full spectrum cbd distillate

Hi quality. But crystaled up in a day stuck in jar. Can't put in carts.

Charles S.
Cbd distillate

Good product alot better than I expected

Elijah O.H.
Full Spec Disty

Good quality distillate, low odor and a good CBD cherry flavor from dabs of it. I'd definitely buy it again.

Lauren P.
Full Spectrum Distillate

Very accurate labs, excellent customer service.

Jonathan F.
best I have had

My batche was 70% CBD and 2.51% THC so I dig it quite a lot

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