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Bulk CBD Tincture


Our bulk Full Spectrum CBD tincture is perfect for those that is on a regular regiment and want to save some money.  This is also great for sharing with family and friends. The bulk tincture comes in 2 strengths: the regular strength have 1000mg of CBD per oz while the extra strength have 2000mg of CBD per oz.

bottle size Total CBD CBD per 1oz CBD per 1ml dropper
8oz regular strength 8000mg 1000mg 33mg
8oz extra strength 16000mg 2000mg 66mg

The bulk tincture comes in a glass amber bottle with plastic cap.  It does not come with dropper or dropper bottle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great product. I have tried many other brands and denex will be my new go-to.

Quality and great service

I ordered 10g of Full spectrum cbd oil and got 11g and free gummies. The quality and service are great. Thanks

Great Price for Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate

When I got my 10 gram container (which actually weighed out to 10.5g) I was surprised that it was not a fully liquid distillate, that there was some liquid distillate at the bottom but most of it had solidified into chunks. However, this can be remedied by a hot water bath. I opened it up, and used a dabber to scrape some of the light yellow distillate up, which made these snowflake looking crystalline specks (like with many CBD isolate powders), and it melted very quickly upon dabbing. Taste was pretty good, cherry like, and was what I expected for being something with no added terps. I've been using it thus far to supplement my CBD intake prior to using hemp flower or full spectrum CBD waxes, which changes the effect of the latter to a stronger body buzz. I plan to thin a gram or so of the distillate in the near future with CDT's and use it to make my own vape carts.


Liked both CBD Oil that I have ordered. I am a producer of raw honey that infuse into ( Delta 8) and the distillate. I test sampled Delta 8 and got back some good results.


By far the best cbd distillate I've found. Good products all around it this one is my favorite for sure

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