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Bulk CBD Tincture


Our bulk Full Spectrum CBD tincture is perfect for those that is on a regular regiment and want to save some money.  This is also great for sharing with family and friends. The bulk tincture comes in 2 strengths: the regular strength have 1000mg of CBD per oz while the extra strength have 2000mg of CBD per oz.

bottle sizeTotal CBDCBD per 1ozCBD per 1ml dropper
8oz regular strength8000mg1000mg33mg
8oz extra strength16000mg2000mg66mg

The bulk tincture comes in a glass amber bottle with plastic cap.  It does not come with dropper or dropper bottle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ron S. (Vero Beach, FL)
Large quantity of the good stuff

My only issue is that the label had oil on it which rendered that unreadable. Am buying again

Dennis A. (Charlottesville, VA)
Thanks again

Thanks denex the best hemp and cbd company out there

G R. (Columbus, OH)
CBD Tincture

Good Taste no problem's with product and they stood behind there word, (any issues) looks like they will make it right & they did;Thank You Denox!

Jason E. (Plano, TX)
Top shelf quality

Been buying the full spectrum dist for 5 months now and it’s great stuff.

David Q.
Best THC free CBD distillate

Ordered 10 grams and received 11 grams again. Love it very potent even now there is no THC.in it very relaxing and calming again I say love it

Frederick P. (St. Petersburg, FL)
Smelled soo good

I just wanted to eat this by the spoonful. Floral honey nectar, with potpurri sort of spice, but not over powering at all.

Joshua K. (Lansing, MI)

Purchased 100 grams of full-spectrum CBD distillate. The color, clarity, and smell are all great. With a 40% off promo, the price came in at $1.20/gram, which is excellent. Product arrived promptly. Total cannabinoids were only 72%, 8% lower than advertised. For the price and quality attributes, I will definitely buy again.

Susan S.T. (Barranquilla, ATL)

Excellent product, fast delivery, great attention. I will reorder soon.

David Q.
Best CBS ever

Ordered 10 grams of CBD. Distillate
And received 11 grams awesome delivered on time and great stuff and 10 grams of delta 10 which was energetic and up lifting awesome also

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