Bulk DELTA-8+CBN Tincture


Our 2:1 Delta-8+CBN Bulk Tincture has just the right balance of Delta-8 and CBN for that relaxing evening. The 8oz 2:1 regular strength has 500mg Delta-8 and 250mg CBN per oz while the extra strength version double that to 1000mg Delta-8 and 500mg CBN per oz. Made with organic MCT oil. Please allow 3-4 extra days to get the order ready.

bottle sizeTotal Delta-8Total CBNDelta-8 per 1ozCBN per 1ozDelta-8 per 1ml dropperCBN per 1ml dropper
8oz 2:1 regular strength4000mg2000mg500mg250mg16.7mg8.3mg
8oz 2:1 extra strength8000mg4000mg1000mg500mg33mg16.7mg

The bulk tincture comes in a glass amber bottle with plastic cap. It does not come with dropper or dropper bottle.