CBG Isolate


Our CBG Isolate is THC-Free and can be added to various products.  CBG isolate is simply the purest form of CBG on the market with potency of 95-99+% and can be easily formulate into various products. By working directly with our farmers and streamline our operations, we have one of the lowest price on CBG isolate out there.

CBG has antidepressant properties that improve sleep and reduce anxiety.  And according to some of our customers, CBG is especially effective in treating chronic pain without the intoxicating effects THC has.

How to use CBG:
CBG isolate is the most pure form of CBG, so you can use it to make your own products. It can be vaporized, sprinkled to food or edibles, and mixed with other oils and topicals.
To use CBG Isolate on its own, simply place the desired dose under your tongue for about a minute before rinsing away any remaining sediment with water.

The time it takes for the effect to kick in depends on the amount that is used. A lower dose may have milder effects that make you feel relaxed, whereas others report feeling more alert and focused. Inhalation provides the most immediate feeling of effect because smoke passes through your lungs and directly into your bloodstream.

Also, we strive to have the best customer service in the industry so give us a call and see how we can serve you better.

Prices valid for North American market only. To purchase this product outside this region or larger CBG wholesale quantity, email sales@denex.co or call 720.515.0330.