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CBN Distillate

CBN Distillate contains between 95% and 99% pure CBN and zero traces of THC. Our CBN Distillate preserves the minuscule levels of other compounds such as plant waxes, vitamins, antioxidants, terpenes, and some minor cannabinoids.

This is ideal for creating CBN-infused products where a liquid-phase CBN extract is preferred and has a comparable potency as our CBN Isolate.

  • Hemp-derived: Yes
  • THC: None Detected
What’s inside:
  • 95% – 98% CBN
  • 5% (or less) minor cannabinoids, and other hemp plant compounds
What it does:
  • Helps relax the mind and body.†
  • May relieve insomnia.†
  • May ease chronic pain.†
  • Appetite-booster†


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CBN Distillates, even when they say it has more than 90% purity, may still have trace THC contents in it.
We work directly with our farmers and streamline our operations to make sure that only high-quality raw materials pass through before being processed.. Our main goal is to provide clean potency in all our products according to the market consumers’ preferences. And so we created CBN Distillate without any THC traces in it since most users want the entourage effects of CBN without the worry of triggering a positive drug test caused by THC.


CBN distillate is a highly refined cannabis extract made from CBD-rich hemp flower and hemp plant biomass. Typically, this is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid as CBN has traces of THC naturally. In fact, THC will convert to the CBN compound when exposed to light, air, heat, and time. While CBN distillate contains slightly less CBN than its isolated counterpart, it also contains waxes, terpenes, antioxidants, and vitamins found in cannabis plants.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Steven H. (San Antonio, TX)
Cbn isolate turned Diamonds

Dumped out 10g of cbn isolate powder into my silicone container, placed it under a candle warmer, turned into a huge rock hard diamond puck. It dabs/melts exactly how you want it to, watching it melt down in the banger... careful though, cbn "coughing spell" will get you good

Holly A. (Urbana, IL)
I'm so glad this isolate works

I am a medical cannabis user and I use all the cannabinoids in my medical journey. However my husband is sensitive to thc. I wanted to make him cbn capsules to help him sleep but I couldn't trust to get all the thc out of the flower so that I could safely make him thc free capsules with cbd and cbn. Using the isolate infused into oil, I'm able to get him a reliable dose every night and he's sleeping much better!

Joseph L. (Atlantic Beach, FL)
Wonderful Addition to Our Lineup

Ordered as part of our product development process and the team was really blown away with the quality. Can highly recommend the Denex team for all your cannabinoid needs, the customer support is second to none and we've yet to find such consistent quality elsewhere.

Mike C. (Arlington, TX)
Appears to be top quality and works well for sleep/

This seems to help very much as a sleep aid. Good price, quick shipping, high quality

Nick B. (Rockwall, TX)
CBN - sleep tincture

I made a sleep tincture for a friend with CBD, CBN, and D8.... it has worked wonderfully and allowed him to sleep through the night when nothing else was working. Great product.

Harry P. (Burlington, VT)
CBN Distillate

Have used this distillate a couple of times to make a sleep formula. Works well and potency tests accurately- good job Denex.

Gerald L. (Sequatchie, TN)
Great addition

We added this to some of our Delta8 carts and it’s a great bedtime experience.

Bianca M. (Huntersville, NC)
It is CBN from hemp, no terpenes

It tastes like hemp, which it is. It provides mild CBN effects. Buy your own flavorful sleepytime terpenes. Terps enhance the effects. By itself it tastes like hitting an old volcano bag, like stale popcorn hemp.

Michael H. (Sweetwater, TN)
Perfect as always!!!

I couldn't have asked for higher quality, or a more pleasant experience! SO thankful our business chose to use you all exclusively!!!


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