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CBD+DELTA-8 Crumble


Want to take your concentrates game to the next level? Give our CBD+Delta-8 crumbles a try. Put this on your dab rig or vaporizer or sprinkle this on top of your favorite flowers and enjoy.

  • Net Weight: 1 gram
  • CBD: 78.7%
  • Delta-8: 10.5%
  • CBG: 1.1%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 90.3%

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kristopher B.
Great Vapor

DENEX DELTA-8 Crumble is easy to work with. Not too sticky, so placing the wax on the nail is quick and easy. The Blue Dream Crumble had a great berry taste!

Robert S.
Two 👍👍 up

Not to shabby, ya won't be disappointed

Dillon C.

Love it all💯

Nice body high

smelled very nice and terpy. pleasant buzz focused on the body since it's mainly cbd. hits smooth and the cbd addition makes for a better experience than d8 alone.

Chris P.
D8/cbd crumble

The terps added give it a great flavor and a nice aroma, the delta 8 blends nicely with the cbd and creates a nice floating feeling, it’s not gona get you mad baked like the d8 shatter or diamond sauce they make but it’s great for a wake and bake to get the day started and it also great to use before work or anything that you want to function 100% efficiently and still have a nice buzz going

Gooey madness

It kind of melted during delivery. Was not a problem. Had fun with it in the taffy stage. Still just as good. Getting ready to reorder.