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Premium DELTA-8 Gummies

Our Premium Delta-8 gummies are delectable snacks infused with our premium Delta-8 distillate. These gummies are all-natural and potent. They come in a bright burst of fruit flavors and have the perfect texture that is neither too hard nor too soft.

Delta-8 gummies are sure to give you a relaxing sensation and a boost in energy. Take these with you whether you’re headed home after a long day at work or to the outdoors to spend some time with friends. These gummies can withstand heat. They’re not going to melt in your pockets!

Flavors: Peach, Mixed Berry

What it does:

  • Helps reduce daily stresses
  • Promotes focus, calm, and balance
  • Relieve physical discomfort and nausea

Note: This product is psychoactive, please use with caution for 21+. For best results, store at room temperature.


Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
Bobby F. (Marshall, VA)
Love it

I love the quality and consistency of these gummies. Most of all at a very very good price!!!

Eric W. (Lindale, TX)
Generic but very good

I have ordered these gummies two or three times and they are good quality
Thier kinda generic tasting but
I am not ordering them for the taste

They really good quality and a real good price
One is kinda light
But two packs a good punch

JudiannV (Naples, NY)
Delta-8 Gummies

Enjoyed the gummies and will buy them again.

Anthony h. (Bethel Park, PA)
Very good

Good and strong definitely will order again

Jimbo (Saint Paul, MN)
Tasty and fun

They worked which is more than any edible I've had before did. They also tasted good

Cindy A. (Mission Viejo, CA)
Definitely not potent for 50mg

I've had delta8 - 50 mg that kicked butt. I can eat a whole one and go back for 1/2. Come back with the

Alyssa H. (Canton, OH)
Great for managing chronic pain

I've used these gummies for the past year or so to help manage my chronic pain.. and they work! They've been a life saver, really, giving me pockets of my life back that used to be devoted to crying in bed and wanting to die.

But hey! Now I can be happy and fuzzy instead! Woo! Major life upgrade. Just wish I could use my insurance to help alleviate the cost and then they'd be perfect.

Joyce C. (Akron, OH)
These used to work great

But they don’t anymore. Horrible aftertaste.

Robert A. (Ferrum, VA)
High quality delta 8 gummies

I ordered these delta 8 gummies during a Summer heat wave & they arrived in tip top shape. They definitely can take the heat. As for quality they are a top notch product. The potency is good & so is the taste. Helps make my sciatica pain bearable.



Delta-8 Gummies are the go-to for anyone looking for a convenient mini-dose of Delta-8 THC. So why do our customers rave about our gummies? Here’s why:


Everything about our Delta-8 gummies is natural from sweeteners, flavors, and even its colors!

We wanted to create our gummies free of chemicals, additives, or artificial flavorings. And so, these gummies are made with carefully selected organic ingredients and infused with hemp-derived Delta-8 Distillate. As a result, these Delta-8 gummies deliver a rich and vegan-friendly Delta-8 experience – without an overpowering aftertaste.

Here at DENEX, we specially formulated our gummies to preserve flavor and consistency in all weather. Unlike other gummies, you can bring these with you anywhere even under the summer sun. Need your daily dose of Delta-8 THC on the beach? Pack these with you!

Bonus, our gummies are vegan and gluten-free!

We want our gummies to be bigger than our competitors to have that satisfying bite and thus our gummies are 5g compare to our competitors average of 3g.  More is better!


To maintain our commitment to integrity, these gummies are produced using only Delta-8 distillate that has passed rigorous testing by authorized independent laboratories. In addition, each batch of gummies we make is tested internally for quality and potency.



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Due to current state law regarding Delta-8 THC, we are not able to ship to your state. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions.