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Premixed THC-O Distillate

Our THC-O Distillate is now with terpenes!

Premixed THC-O Distillate is created to make the THC-O experience more enjoyable. In addition, THC-O Distillate doesn’t require heating because it has a lower viscosity than Delta-8 Distillate and Delta-10 Distillate.

Size: 5g

What it does:

  • Boosts appetite
  • Promotes feelings of happiness and calmness
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory and pain response

NOTE: It has been reported that THC-O is more potent than Delta-8 and produce psychedelic effects. For 21+, please use with caution!


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Premixed THC-O Distillate is our THC-O distillate that is pre-blended with terpenes.

THC-O Acetate, or THC, is hemp-derived and is thought to be more potent and have longer-lasting effects than Delta-8. In addition, THC-O distillate has a smoother consistency than Delta-8 and Delta-10, making it easier for recreational or personal use.

  • THC-O has uplifting & pleasant effects.
  • THC-O provides a smoother, less harsh experience.
  • THC-O is said to be stronger than delta-8, but it may take longer to feel the effects.
  • THC-O is less dense, making it ideal for vaping… no more clogging!

Adding terpenes to THC-O produces a flavorful THC-O experience… and a relaxing yet powerful entourage effect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Michelle T. (Hope Mills, NC)
Wow! I love THC-0!

Wow, I love your THC-0 distillate. It is perfect for me to use daily without feeling dragged down. Great stuff!

Alo (Richmond Hill, GA)
Favorite purchase so far

Gives a great high

Anton O. (Bessemer City, NC)
As expected

Gives the desired powerful and long high (for not being the real thing)

Was thin enough to use filling needle directly into carts without needing to apply heat to the mix.

Personally, a cart lasted me 2-4 days of consistent altered state of mind.

Drew (Bonaire, GA)
USPS Sucks!!

Denex gets a 5 star but USPS gets a few negative stars.

Antonio C. (St. Petersburg, FL)
Pretty great

Very smooth good mixture worth paying the extra to have premixed wish larger quantities were offered

DW (Roswell, GA)
Needs a scoop (… great stuff)

Great product. Great quality. I’ve found you really need a scoop instead of something flat.

Edgar R. (Minford, OH)
Really does hit the spot

The effects are great and I would definitely recommend for the flavor to

Beth B. (Ambler, PA)
Great Product

Burns perrfectly & tastes great!

Adam (Tampa, FL)
All around great

Really nice flavors and very easy to work with


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