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HHC Shatter
Juddy (Richardson, TX)
Stuck on you

Shatter's smooth and exhilarating, It's delicate and a chip off the old block. Shatter I'm stuck on you.

They're great

These gummies paired with the 30 mg CBD gummies are the perfect combination for me.

Sandra K. (Chicago, IL)
I caught a break

I have anxiety and horrible panic attacks. I have tried and failed with traditional medications. Until I tried the Delta 9 gummies. One gummies gave me hours of relief. Thank you for offering them!

30mg 1:1 DELTA-8+CBN Gummies
Jonathan (Schenectady, NY)
great to unwind and go to sleep

I really like these d8/cbn gummies before bed and while relaxing in the evening, it's a great relaxing effect.

Live Resin HHC Dabs
No (San Angelo, TX)
Live resin

Live resin og kush a classic flavor brought to life in a hhc dab it's my mixer w d8 and I get by a whole month just wish live resin flavor lasted longer than 12 days LoL great stuff. I use og Kush as a lower back pain relief great indica effects heavy and goes straight to the lower back

HHC Shatter
Not really a fan of HHC

I dont like the taste at all and if you ask me i like the delta 8 shatter way more...also my batch of HHC would turn red when you would freeze it or just get it cold.....not sure

Good stuff

Good clean D8 as always. Never disappoints.


The 15mg are perfect for daily use. Just enough to have an effect, but not too much where you feel like a couch potato. Highly recommend


These Delta 8 gummies are spot on!!! They have a super flavor and after enjoying 2 of these, I get a restful night's sleep....and while at work I take one as needed for a stress free day!!! I highly recommend them ...and will buy again!!!

HHC Shatter
Larry b. (Brooklyn, NY)

Ordered a couple of times very fast delivery love the products will order in the future. Again, thank you guys.

Premium DELTA-8 Carts
Kyle W. (New York, NY)
Great product

Really good cartridges

Premium DELTA-8 Carts
KT (Lakeland, FL)

Great product, definitely works!

Live Resin HHC Dabs
Juddy (Toronto, ON)
Living Resonator

Smooth flavor rolls over the tongue . On exhale a cough arises, followed by an elevation of frequencies that fill each living cell with floral delight. And alas The living resonance of herbs fill the mind and body. Yes I will buy this again.


Great product, great reliable site. No issues yet.

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate
Joshua L. (Tucson, AZ)
Perfect for Cartridges

Light golden color. big glass container makes it easy to heat up & work with. I highly recommend.

Live Resin HHC Dabs
SP (Danville, IA)

First time trying HHC (experienced D9, D8,D10 & most standard CBs. The effects dabbed are mild version of D8 & it helps with sleep & pain a bit but the part I don't like is that I always wake up with a headache. Might try it in edibles to see if there's a difference but don't think HHC is my thing.

Premium DELTA-8 Carts
Paige R. (Denver, CO)
Great buy

Perrrrfect not much of a vaping person but when it come to these i was shocked. I dap mpre than i smoke flower but i will vape these again. better than a few recent buys by other places, this was over all better, i didn't gag much due to much inhaling. I was even kooking at the stuff for my pen to refill..

HHC Shatter
James S. (Westminster, MD)
dank weed


Live Resin HHC Dabs
Anonymous (Minneapolis, MN)
Very Flavorful/No Weight Listed(Confusing)

Love the taste and affect, but it is a bit annoying that the amount/weight isn't listed. 1g each

DELTA-8 Distillate
Lisa J. (Round Rock, TX)

Fast delivery, dense, melts easily. Great customer service. Helps me sleep.

Premium DELTA-8 Carts - CLEARANCE
Arden B. (Charlotte, NC)
Great Quality, my go to favorite brand

Denex is my go to, I honestly don’t smoke anything else, been with them for over a year now and the quality is always top tier

Hhc pre-roll

Good flavor, smooth feel, relatively short effects. Great service, great prices.

Delta-8 Dabs
Paige R. (Aurora, CO)
Best in service

I have loved this place since the day i came. It is an afordable place to buy what you need. I ise what i do cause it helps me with sleep and stay calm. Flower woyld not last as much as this. Moon rock is something i have not tried yet. I hear its as good as shatter.

DELTA-8 Shatter
Jon H. (Leo-Cedarville, IN)
Great product

Buying local was getting pricey. Found Denex and will say I wasn't let down at all. Order fill, delivery etc were all fast.

Delta 8 gummy’s are the real deal!

These gummy’s pack a nice punch 🤜 just the right amount of D8 not to over powering .