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THC-O Distillate
Jimmy W. (Irvington, NJ)

I use this product to make moonrock and my clients love it,

THC-O Distillate
Alexander G. (Cody, WY)

This stuff is great, super smooth, really clean taste, amazing price. I'm glad I found this company.

CBN Isolate
Lili S. (St Louis, MO)
Great for sleep

I love the CBN isolate. My sleep has really improved since I started using it. Before bed I take 1/ 4 of a 1/ 4 tsp measuring spoon and put that under my tongue. I watch a little TV or read until it dissolves. I gently fall asleep. I only wake up one time where I used to wake up multiple times a night. I have been charting my sleep for a year now. Since using CBN isolate I am finally in the good to excellent range every night

Focus & Clarity Super Gummies
Suzanne M. (Nashville, TN)
Positive Lift + Focus: Perfect for Executing a Big Project

I'm buying these gummies again. I'm working on a big garden installation where planning, timing, coordination (people and materials) and problem solving are skills needed. These gummies have a subtle but noticeable lift, that helps me focus and gettir done !
Flavor is fine, though I could do with less sugar. (Currently 3g; 2g would be ideal).
Going for the 3 pack this time...

DELTA-8 Distillate
J.M. (Copperas Cove, TX)
Truly great stuff

I've been using this stuff for about 2 years now, not the easiest stuff to work with. but the results are nothing short of astonishing.

HHC Distillate
Tony N. (Tampa, FL)
Very Happy That I Bought This !

Can't go wrong with any Denex product. Quality items and great prices. This HHC rocks !

THC-O Lollipop
Earl G. (Lincoln, NE)
Not bad..

I have been stirring these into my tea instead of sugar. They smell nice and fruity as well as being tasty. The buzz is mild but pleasant.

Love it!

Great product! Wish it came with an empty cart though!

Martha W. (Louisiana, MO)
Love them!

I love the Delta 8 gummies. They really help me with sleeping.

HHC Pre-rolls | HHC joints for sale
James S. (Westminster, MD)
retty goodsmoke


Good quality

Always was medicine just not previously available in this quality. Great work.

DELTA-8 Vape Carts
Chaz L. (Ormond Beach, FL)
Great Product

Top notch stuff you guys have here. Keep up the great work!

HHC Shatter
Will B. (Saint Paul, MN)
Best HHC

Best HHC I’ve dabbed yet! It’s very clean, way better than what I’ve found in vape shops. Going to buy more soon.

The free sample gummies are great too! U guys rock

Focus & Clarity Super Gummies
Honghoa p. (Rowlett, TX)
Be calm!

Just started taking the relaxing and unwind gummies because I was having troubles sleeping do to increased anxiety. I don’t normally take anything to help me, but my cousins who was also having troubles sleeping suggested I try his gummies and OMG! Game changer, after 15-20 mins of taking one gummy, I felt so calm and at peace, I went to sleep the entire night without waking up! It was my first good night sleep in a very long while! I couldn’t believe it. I was hooked and my cousin ordered more for us.

I was scared of the taste at first, but it taste like a normal gummy and very easy to eat. I’ve been recommending these to everyone who says they have troubles sleeping!

DELTA-8 Shatter
Danny M. (Norfolk, NE)
(Denex Delta-8 Shatter)

Arrives quickly.
Just like regular shatter.
No terps no taste.
This is where im going to be buying all my delta-8 now.

DELTA-8 Shatter
Joe H. (Flintville, TN)
Delta 8 Shatter

Very good one of the best,and thanks to Denex.

Focus & Clarity Super Gummies
Kelly O. (Laguna Hills, CA)
Best Holistic Alternative To Adderall

I've been taking adderall for 10 plus years and depend on it to be productive at work and sometimes at home. I don't care for the side effects of being easily frustrated and agitated while taking it but haven't found anything else that would replace it until
I tried the Focus And Clarity gummies.

The Focus and Clarity gummies have been game changers for me! I never thought I would find a natural or holistic product that would help me stay focused and energized like adderall but better. My favorite part it that I feel happy and positive when I take it unlike adderall and dont get annoyed or frustrated like
I used to.

CBG Isolate
Clint S. (Kings Mountain, NC)
Cbg isolate

Good stuff great price!

DELTA-8 Shatter
Zephyr (Charleston, WV)

This helps with my pain and PTSD symptoms so much. It's definitely my go-to. It's also best in price range too.

THC-O Vape Carts
Lisa J. (Rockdale, TX)

Love these carts, great value when on sale.

DELTA-8 Distillate
Justin (San Jose, CA)
Good High

Got me pretty high 🙂

Delta-8 Tincture
Dana R. (Boca Raton, FL)
You get your $’s worth!

Helps me with anxiety, rumination, pain relief, muscle relaxation and sleep. I’m usually good with half a dropper. Takes a couple/ few hours to kick in so remember to take it early. This is something that could replace a benzo or pain reliever. Going to try on be of the ones more for daytime next! Thanks, Denex, for consistently good products.

THC-O Distillate
LW (Carmel, IN)
THC-O Distillate

Product was shipped and delivered fast. It is a great product, I will be ordering again.

Live Resin HHC Vape Carts
Mason T. (West Jordan, UT)
pretty good


RENEE B. (Sanford, FL)

I really enjoyed the gummies, the help me sleep and provide a nice mellow feel!